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Responding To Environmental Claims

Due to our location, we have extensive experience representing coal, gas and oil companies in litigation relating to property rights, mine safety, accidents and injuries, health issues and environmental claims. We also have extensive experience providing counsel to coal, oil and gas companies regarding drilling, land titles, permitting, citations, notices of noncompliance and property rights.

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Why does environmental litigation occur so often?

Due to the coal mining and other industrial activities prevalent in our area, our clients face environmental claims, including water pollution and similar claims. Insurance companies and self-insured businesses facing environmental claims need experienced representation to protect their interests.

Why are the stakes usually so high?

The stakes are high in environmental litigation because liability can include the costs of investigation, remediation and cleanup of hazardous waste sites. The defense of these claims requires extensive knowledge of state and federal law and regulations, and the resources necessary to thoroughly investigate the costs and damages claimed to have been caused by environmental hazards.

What does our firm bring to the defense of environmental claims?

At Porter, Banks, Baldwin & Shaw, PLLC, our experienced environmental liability lawyers have successfully defended coal and gas companies and their insurers against environmental lawsuits for more than 100 years and will continue to provide high quality and effective legal services to our community into the future.

We have a reputation for providing effective and aggressive legal representation to natural resource companies and their insurance companies. We know how to handle these cases in our area and know how to develop persuasive arguments that protect our clients.

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